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  英 [tɑ:sk] 美 [tæsk]


  名词 作业; 工作,任务; 苦差事

  及物动词 交给某人(任务); 使过于劳累


  1. The task has been fulfilled.


  2. This task is accomplished by great effort.


  3. She had the difficult task of pulling out all the weeds.



  1. Developing countries have an urgent task to buttress their financial defense systems.

  2. The domestic rebalancing toward households buying more of basic Chinese production remains no easy task.

  3. Of course, it is by no means an easy task to make the good blessings a reality.

  4. By dint of hard work over the past two years, the task force has drawn a fundamental " road map " for river basin management.

  5. The center will then call in special task forces from the departments concerned to handle the problems.

  6. It is from here that the muezzins call the faithful to pray, although nowadays this task is being increasingly taken over by recorders and speakers.

  7. The site's Witkey service allows users to post a task and call for solutions, which they then pay for.

  8. " Certainly the task that we have in front of us is large, " Henderson said during a conference call to update the company's restructuring efforts.

  9. Wood said that during the mundane task of editing copy, " she would sometimes surprise us with an astonishingly candid remark ".


  1. 任务;工作

  A task is an activity or piece of work which you have to do, usually as part of a larger project.

  e.g. Walker had the unenviable task of breaking the bad news to Hill...


  e.g. She used the day to catch up with administrative tasks.


  2. 给…分配任务;派给…(工作)

  If you are tasked with doing a particular activity or piece of work, someone in authority asks you to do it.

  e.g. The minister was tasked with checking that British aid money was being spent wisely.


  3. 批评;责备

  If you take someone to task, you criticize them or tell them off because of something bad or wrong that they have done.

  e.g. The country's intellectuals are also being taken to task for their failure to speak out against the regime.



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