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  英 [spel] 美 [spɛl]

  及物动词 拼写; 导致,意味着; 组成(一个词)的字母是…

  不及物动词 轮替

  名词 符咒,咒语; 魅力; 一段时间; 轮班


  1. I don't know how to spell your name.


  2. I'll spell you now at mowing the lawn.



  1. That c ould spell another tough year for equipment vendors, which have been counting on an investment boom to take up some slack.

  2. While a Pennsylvania defeat for Clinton could spell the end of her candidacy, a sizable win would strengthen her claim to being the stronger general election opponent.

  3. The Dragon King cast a spell turning the lovers into two big stones that stand forever on the island silently facing one another.

  4. The Central Government should spell out clearly the consequence of the failure of passing the 2012 electoral package in the Legislative Council.

  5. Spell Eyeshadow in " blueberry fizz ", " black cherry " and " French vanilla " will add to your look.

  6. But the third time was a charm that cast its spell on me, and I became addicted to the concoction that bubbled from that cauldron.

  7. The spell of deflation that had lasted for 68 months ended unnoticed while the property and stock markets steadily started to climb back up.

  8. LIVERPOOL - Joe Cole admits he is relishing the chance of a fresh start at Liverpool after a frustrating end to his spell with Chelsea.

  9. Those who taste the fantastic connectivity of weibo quickly fall under its spell.


  1. 拼写;拼读

  When you spell a word, you write or speak each letter in the word in the correct order.

  e.g. He gave his name and then helpfully spelt it...


  e.g. How do you spell 'potato'?...

  potato 这个词怎么拼写?

  2. (会)拼写(单词)

  Someone who can spell knows the correct order of letters in words.

  e.g. It's shocking how students can't spell these days...


  e.g. You accused me of inaccuracy yet you can't spell 'Middlesex'.


  3. 意味着,招致(常常是不愉快的结果)

  If something spells a particular result, often an unpleasant one, it suggests that this will be the result.

  e.g. If the irrigation plan goes ahead, it could spell disaster for the birds...


  e.g. A report has just arrived on government desks which spells more trouble.


  4. (某种活动、天气等的)一段短暂时间,一阵

  A spell of a particular type of weather or a particular activity is a short period of time during which this type of weather or activity occurs.

  e.g. There has been a long spell of dry weather...


  e.g. You join a barrister for two six-month spells of practical experience.

  你跟着一位出庭律师进行两期为时 6 个月的实习工作。


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