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  英 [ɪnˈvɒlv] 美 [ɪnˈvɑ:lv]


  及物动词 包含; 使参与,牵涉; 围绕,缠绕; 使专心于



  1. He was involved in writing his doctoral dissertation.


  2. All the children were involved in the school play.


  3. Clouds involved the mountain top.


  4. He was involved in working out a plan.


  5. Don't involve other people in your trouble.



  1. If the seed looks more like a spoon then winter is going to have a lot of snow and involve a good deal of shoveling.

  2. Now he has decided to create his characters from the ground up, planting calligraphy gardens where the public can physically involve themselves in his work.

  3. She knows the camp doesn't involve hanging out with friends or joining activities that interest her.

  4. The club also hosts occasional overnight hikes, which may involve camping near a remote section of the Great Wall.

  5. The Administration also advised that achieving the proposed emission caps by 2017 does not involve new capital investment by power companies.

  6. There are other destabilizing feedbacks in the carbon cycle that involve the oceans.

  7. The question now doesn't involve science - we understand the value of better soils for food production and to capture more carbon.

  8. The company later said the restructuring would involve roughly $ 26 billion in debts, and indicated it may sell some assets to raise the cash.

  9. Rihanna also confirmed she is still single but hinted that she is casually dating and revealed her ideal first date would involve watching reality TV.

  10. Democratic Party chairman Albert Ho said if Tsang wants an open debate, the CE should involve heads of all major opposition parties.


  1. 需要;包含

  If a situation or activity involves something, that thing is a necessary part or consequence of it.

  e.g. Running a kitchen involves a great deal of discipline and speed...


  e.g. Nicky's job as a public relations director involves spending quite a lot of time with other people.


  2. 牵涉;涉及

  If a situation or activity involves someone, they are taking part in it.

  e.g. If there was a cover-up, it involved people at the very highest levels of government.


  e.g. ...a riot involving a hundred inmates...

  有 100 名囚犯参与的暴动

  3. 使陷入;使卷入

  If you say that someone involves themselves in something, you mean that they take part in it, often in a way that is unnecessary or unwanted.

  e.g. I seem to have involved myself in something I don't understand.


  4. 使参与;使介入

  If you involve someone else in something, you get them to take part in it.

  e.g. Noel and I do everything together, he involves me in everything...


  e.g. Before too long he started involving me in the more confidential aspects of the job.


  5. 使承担;使面对

  If one thing involves you in another thing, especially something unpleasant or inconvenient, the first thing causes you to do or deal with the second.

  e.g. A late booking may involve you in extra cost...


  e.g. This involved me in a round trip of over 400 miles.

  为此我需要往返旅行 400 多英里。


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