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  关系( regard的过去式和过去分词 );注意;注视;尊敬;


  1. The US government is regarded as " the synonym of deception and abuse of power " by some people.

  2. Jade is regarded by many as an eternal symbol of China's civilization.

  3. The picture was widely regarded as a symbol of the doggedness shown by Chinese people and their American allies in the War.

  4. The hada is a white silk scarf regarded as a symbol of respect and a blessing by Tibetans.

  5. Visiting the World Expo in Shanghai is regarded as one of the best things to do next year by the book.

  6. He was later regarded as a sea god by the people in Fujian and Taiwan.

  7. It is widely regarded the CACC's first large aircraft will roll off the production line by 2020.

  8. Although milk is regarded as inherently nutritious with high calcium content, consumers are increasingly likely to prefer milk fortified with healthy ingredients.

  9. Cao also noted that armed police forces will not be granted the new certificate because they are regarded as military personnel on active service.


  1. About engineering technology can be well regarded as a rarity of rarities.


  2. Nonetheless, in France, Great Britain, gipsy still regarded as a foreigner, people may be detained by police.


  3. Catenella increased with the nitrate concentrations (20~80 μmol/L) of the culture medium. and both of them presented higher growth rate in nitrate than in ammonium, In high nutrient concentration, nitrate was regarded as the optimal nitrogen source, The nitrate reductase activity 1.14~5.20 fmol/(cell. L. mm of P.

  结果表明,两种赤潮生物的最大比增长率均随着培养液中硝酸盐浓度的升高(20~80 μmol/L)而增加,且硝酸盐培养下的最大比增长速率高于同浓度的氨盐,表明在高浓度下,硝酸盐是适宜的氮源。

  4. A b s t r a c t: the enactment and enforcement ofthe real right law of prccan be regarded as one of the most famous legal events since the foundation of our country.


  5. If you regarded us as the sole agent, we will increase your sale volum.


  6. The previous ODE model can be viewed as especial example and its relevant results can be regarded as corollaries of this article.



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